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Presently the order form is set up to allow you to choose items to purchase from the drop-down boxes below.
Some categories have enough listings to deserve their own Drop-down menu.
Specify any additional information regarding your order in the comments box below.

The price and the quantity available is listed for each item in the drop-down menu for the items to purchase (quantity is specified in parenthesis).

When I receive your order, either by e-mail or regular mail, an email invoice will be sent to you to confirm receipt and give you the total to pay.

   Item Title                              Price       Available   Order Qty.
   Home & Garden                              
   Models and Model Making                              
   Shop Equipment, Machinery & Tools                              
Shipping & Handling in the U.S.A. is $2.00 per set of plans. If extra plans are to be sent together in the same package additional shipping is .25 cents a set.
Contact Information
City / Province*
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E-mail*    An E-mail address is required if an e-mail response is expected.
Without an e-mail I will not receive your ONLINE ORDER, unless you mail the completed order form with your check, cash, money order or other form of payment.
Phone (optional)

Don't forget to leave a comment. I do read them.
Payment Information
I will be paying with a money order or cashier's check to be mailed within 10 days.
to the address shown at bottom of page. ( Payable to: M. Sillett )
I am an International customer. I will send cash, properly converted at the current 'Monetary Exchange' rate.
(Pounds Sterling, Euro's, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars only ) AND (only if the total order is $5.00 or less).
I am from Canada. I will send a Canada Post money order in U. S. Dollars in 10 days. ( Payable to: M. Sillett )
I would like to pay with cash or unused U.S. Postage Stamps in the correct amount. (only if the total order is $5.00 or less).
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