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Triple Screen Rock Sorter - Plans

Disassemblable and only 30 pounds for prospecting field trip portability.
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Item Description

Triple Screen Rock Sorter for Rockhounds / Gem Hunters.

Great for gem hunting field trips, this triple screen rock sorter works by gravity alone. It separates the gemstones from the overburden and grades them according to size.
The sorter weighs only 30 pounds and disassembles.

Screens pull out easily should need arise, for extra agitation to separarte stubborn overburden.
Will also handle wet aggregate separation. Great prospecting apparatus.

Two pages ( 2 sheets - front on first, front and back on second sheet )
B & W photos, illustrations, expanded views, and instructional narrative.

My plans are from original source materials such as books, magazines and other publications and the pages are carefully removed.

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